Laboratory Bottles, Clear, Amber

   »  It is a borosilicate glass bottle with drip free sealing ring and blue polypropylene cap.

Specification Packing
Lab Bottles 25ml, 50ml, 100ml Unit
Lab Bottles 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml Unit
Lab Bottles 2000ml, 5000ml, 10000ml Unit

Glass Beaker, Low Form, Tall Form, Conical Spout

   »  Glass beaker is a simple container which made by borosilicate glass.

Specification Packing
Beaker 50ml, 100ml, 150ml Piece
Beaker 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml Piece
Beaker 2000ml, 3000ml Piece

Petri Dish, Glass Borosilicate, Plastic

   »  It usually used to grow bacteria, view plant germination and other applications.

Specification Packing
Sterile Petri Dish 90 x 15mm 500 pcs
Sterile Petri Dish 90 x 15mm 4 vents, 3 vents 500 pcs
Non Sterile Petri Dish 90 x 18mm, 120 x 20mm 500 pcs

Mortar & Pestle

   »   Mortar is the bowl and pestle is the heavy club-shaped object. It is used to crushing and grinding ingredients.

Specification Packing
Mortar Pestle 60mm Set
Mortar Pestle 80mm Set
Mortar Pestle 100mm Set

Spatula, Spoon

   »   Laboratory spatula and microspatula are small stainless steel utensils which and used for scraping, transferring or applying powders.

Specification Packing
1 Side Small Spoon, 1 Side Flat 150mm, 180mm, 200mm Piece
1 Side Large Spoon, 1 Side Flat 150mm, 180mm, 200mm Piece
1 Side Large Spoon, 1 Side Small Spoon 180mm, 200mm Piece
Chattaways Flat/Bent , Flat/Spoon 150mm, 200mm Piece

Thermometer, Mercury

   »   A thermometer is a device for measuring temperature. It widely used in industrial, studies, medical and scientific research.

Specification Packing
Thermometer -10 + 110: 0.5°C , Mercury Yellow Unit
Thermometer -20 + 110: 1.0°C , Mercury Yellow Unit

Magnetic Stir Bars

   »   Filter funnel have a thin neck can used to help transfer chemicals from one container to another.

Specification Packing
Stirring Bar Egg Shaped Piece
Stirring Bar Octagon Shaped without Ring Piece
Stirring Bar With Ring Piece

Tube Racks, Assorted Colors And Sizes

   »   Test tube rack is laboratory equipment that is used to hold upright multiple test tubes at the same times.

Specification Packing
Rack Centrifuge Tube with Cover Unit
Rack Centrifuge Tube without Cover PP Unit
Drying Rack Unit

Cell Spreader

   »   A cell spreader is a tool used in the biological field to smoothly spread cells and bacteria on a plate or a petri dish.

Specification Packing
Cell Spreader L Shape, Autoclavable Pack
Cell Spreader Triangle Shape, Autoclavable Pack
Cell Scrapers Swivel Angle Blade Head, Sterile Pack
Cell Scrapers Pivoting Blade Head Pack

Filter Paper (Quantitative, Qualitative)

   »   Filter paper is a semi-permeable paper barrier placed perpendicular to a liquid or air flow. It is used to separate fine substances from liquids or air.

Specification Packing
Filtration Speed Slow 110mm, 125mm 100 pcs/box
Filtration Speed Medium 110mm, 125mm 100 pcs/box
Filtration Speed Fast 110mm, 125mm 100 pcs/box

Syringe Filter

   »   A syringe filter is a single-use filter cartridge. It is attached to the end of a syringe for use.

Specification Packing
N613mm, 25mm (0.22µm), 13mm, 25mm (0.45µm) 100 pcs/pk
PTFE 13mm, 25mm (0.22µm), 13mm, 25mm (0.45µm) 100 pcs/pk
PES 13mm, 25mm (0.22µm), 13mm, 25mm (0.45µm) 100 pcs/pk

Disposables Pipette Tips, Eppendorf, Gilson

   »   Disposable pipette tips are plastic-tools which basically made of polypropylene. They have same colour code for easy spotting.

Specification Packing
Tips 0,5-10µl Crystal Gilson, Eppendorf 1000 pcs/pk
Tips 2-200µl Yellow Gilson, Eppendorf 1000 pcs/pk
Tips 100-1000µl Blue Gilson, Eppendorf 500 pcs/pk

Centrifuge Tube, Conical, Round Bottom

   »   Centrifuge tubes are precision-made, high strength conical bottom tubes of glass or plastics made to fit exactly in rotor activity.

Specification Packing
Conical Bottom Blue Cap 15ml, 50ml (Sterile, Non- Sterile) Pack
Round Bottom Yellow Cap 15ml, 50ml (Sterile, Non- Sterile) Pack
Round Bottom Orange Cap 50ml Non-Sterile) Pack

pH Indicator Strips

   »   pH indicator usually applied in titrations in analytical chemistry and biology to determine the extent of a chemical reaction.

Specification Packing
They provide precise pH measurement of solutions by using single color change. 100 strips/pk
They can measure pH values between 0,0pH to 14,0 pH with 0,2 pH intervals.

Sealing Film

   »   Small piece of this film will seal test tubes, beakers, flasks and culture tubes.

Specification Packing
Parafilm 4’’ x 125 FT USA Roll

Analytical Balance

   »   An analytical balance is a class of balance designed to measure small mass in the sub-milligram range.

Specification Packing
Entry level balance Unit
Internal/External adjustment options -
Clear High Contrast Display (CHD) -
CMetal Housing, smart key for direct access -

Micropipettes, Pipettor

   »   A pipettor is a pipetting aid or pipette controller that allows you to easily draw samples into a pipette and stop contamination risk and hand fatigue.

Specification Packing
Thumb friendly soft spring pipetting system reduces plunger pressure. Unit
Ergonomic finger hook offers comfortable handling and to take the weight for a more relaxed grip. -

Safety Apron Disposable

   »   Plastic apron resist liquid, grease and oil. It helps to protects wearer’s cloth.

Specification Packing
Disposable Apron White 1300 x 700 x 0.02mm 100 pcs/pk
Disposable Apron Blue 1300 x 700 x 0.02mm 100 pcs/pk

Autoclave Bags

   »   Autoclavable disposal waste bag for the sterilization and disposal of hazardous and contaminated labware.

Specification Packing
Autoclave bags PE, 115mm x 240mm 200 pcs/pk
Autoclave bags PE, 135mm x 290mm 200 pcs/pk
Autoclave bags PE, 150mm x 240mm 200 pcs/pk

Safety Glove Latex, Powdered, Non- Powder

   »   Latex glove are thin and tight fir which will be suitable used in medical and other sector.

Specification Packing
Safety Glove Latex Disposable Size : S, M, L, XL 100 pcs/pk
Safety Glove Nitrile Disposable Size : S, M, L 100 pcs/pk
Safety Glove Vinyl Disposable Size : S, M, L 100 pcs/pk

Surgical Face Mask

   »   Surgical face mask is intended to be worn by health professionals during surgery and during nursing to catch the bacteria shed in liquid droplets from wearer’s mouth and nose.

Specification Packing
Face Masks Cloth Blue Tie On 50 pcs/box
Face Mask Paper Type For Dust & Filter 50 pcs/box
Face Masks Cloth Elastic Ear loop 3 plies 50 pcs/box


Disposables Vaginal Speculum

   »   The speculum is inserted into the vagina to dilate it for examination of the vagina and cervix.

Specification Packing
Speculum, Screw Type, Small Piece
Speculum, Screw Type, Medium Piece
Speculum, Screw Type, Large Piece


   »   Endosampler is a unique, sterile, single-use curette for sampling the uterine uterine endometrium.

Specification Packing
Fitted with two holes for even easier suction.Avoids endometrial sample contamination.Facilitates both endometrial scrapping and aspiration. Piece

Vaginal Ring Pessaries, PVC, Silicon

   »   Pessary is a removal device placed into the vagina. It is designed to support areas of pelvic organ prolapse.

Specification Packing
Ring Pessary Diameter :50mm, 53mm, 56mm, 59mm Unit
Ring Pessary Diameter :62mm, 65mm, 68mm Unit
Ring Pessary Diameter :71mm, 74mm, 77mm, 80mm Unit
Ring Pessary Diameter :85mm, 95mm, 100mm, 110mm Unit

Amniotic Hook

   »   The sterile plastic hook is inserted into the vagina and used to puncture the membranes containing the amniotic fluid.

Specification Packing
Individually peel packed, sterile and ready to use.Sharp hook with acceptable length. 100 Pcs/pk

Umbilical Cord Clamp

   »   Intended to replace the ligature used for tying the fetal umbilical cord following delivery. The clamp is designed with grooves to prevent the cord from slipping off the arms of the clamp.

Specification Packing
Umbilical Cord Clamp 100 Pcs/box


   »   Easy sample collection by simply rotating the device constantly between your fingers as you slowly passes the Pipelle several times between the fundus and the internal os.

Specification Packing
Sterile, individually-packaged units 25 pcs/box


Cary-Blair Medium Plastic Stick

   »   UNI-TER sterile swab in polypropylene test tube. Cary-Blair medium. Plastic stick. Individually wrapped.

Specification Packing
Ø 12x140mm Sterile ,Code 230917 400 Pcs

Transport Swab With Charcoal

   »   UNI-TER sterile swab in polypropylene test. Tube Stuart medium with charcoal. Plastic stick. Individually wrapped.

Specification Packing
Ø 12 x 140mm Sterile ,Code 230197 400 Pcs

Vacutainer K2 EDTA (Lavender)

   »   EDTA tubes are coated with K2 EDTA .They are for the examination of whole blood in hematology and can be used in direct sampling analyzers without actually being opened. EDTA binds the calcium ions and therefore blocks the coagulation cascade. Erythrocytes, leucocytes and thrombocytes in the EDTA anti coagulated blood sample are stable for up to 24hours.

Specification Packing
K2 EDTA ,13 x 75mm ,2ml 1200 Pcs
K2 EDTA ,13 x 75mm ,3ml 1000 Pcs

Vacutainer Sodium Citrate Coagulation (Blue Cap)

   »   Coagulation tubes are filled with a buffered sodium citrate solution. They are available with a citrate concentration of 0.109mol/I (3.2%). Coagulation tubes are mainly used for examination of coagulation parameters and can provide an excellent condition for the test of PT, APTT valus.

Specification Packing
Buffered sodium citrate 13 x 75mm, 1.8ml 1200 Pcs
Buffered sodium citrate 13 x 75mm, 1.8ml 1200 Pcs

Vacutainer Clot Activator & Separation Gel(Yellow Cap)

   »   SSGT tubes are coated with clot activator and gel for serum separation. They are used for serum determinations in chemistry and for clinical biochemistry and immunology.

Specification Packing
Gel With clot activator 13 x 75mm, 3.5ml 1200 Pcs
Gel With clot activator 13 x 75mm, 3.5ml 1000 Pcs

ESR (Black)

   »   ESR tube contains a 3.8% buffered tri-sodium citrate solution. They are used for blood collection and anticoagulation for sedimentation rate test.

Specification Packing
Bufferes 3.8% tri sodium citrate 13 x 75mm, 2.7ml 1000 Pcs
Bufferes 3.8% tri sodium citrate 13 x 75mm, 1.28ml 1000 Pcs

Vacutainer Glucose ,(Grey Cap)

   »   The additive for glucose tubes are sodium fluoride/potassium oxalate or EDTA/sodium fluoride .These tubes are used for glucose determination

Specification Packing
Potassium Oxalate and sodium fluoride 13 x 75mm, 2ml 1200 Pcs
Potassium Oxalate and sodium fluoride 13 x 75mm, 2ml 1000 Pcs

Micro Blood Collection Tube (Pediatric)

   »   A Micro Collection Tube is mainly used in collection, storage, pretreatment and transportation of capillary blood specimen. It is suitable for newborn babies, infants, prostrate patients.

Specification Packing
K2 EDTA ,8 x 45mm , 0.5ml, Purple Cap 1000 Pcs
Lithium Heparin, 8 x 45mm, 0.5ml, Green Cap 1000 Pcs
Gel & Clot Activator, 8 x 45mm , 0.5ml,Yellow Cap 1000 Pcs
Sodium Fluoride, 8 x 45mm, 0.5ml ,Grey Cap 1000 Pcs

Amies Transport Swab

   »   UNI-TER sterile swab in polypropylene test tube. Amies medium. Plastic stick. Individually wrapped.

Specification Packing
Ø 12x140mm Sterile,Code230417 400 Pcs

Sputum Cup

   »   Sputum collector is design for sputum collection for patients with a productive caugh.

Specification Packing
30ml, Sterile 400 /500 pcs

Urine Container 60ml ,Sterile

   »   Durable nature, water resistant, competitive price, top quality, easy to use

Specification Packing
60ml 500 pcs
50ml 500 pcs

Pregnancy Test

   »   AccohCG is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay, and it is a one step in vitro test. IfhCG is present at level of 20mlU/ml or greater than this, the result is the formation of a colorized band in the test line (T). The sample continues to move to the control line area (C) and forms a red or purple color, indicating the test is working and the result is valid.

Specification Packing
Specimen -Urine 100 pcs/ box
Sensitivity & Specificity -95%


Welding Head Shield

   »   Economic welding head shield.

Specification Packing
Thermoplastic Unit

Safety Goggle

   »   Provide excellent splash protection. The safety goggle constructed of soft, comfortable PVC frame with polycarbonate lens & a wide adjustable headband. Meet EN 166.

Specification Packing
Clear lens Pair
Smoke lens Pair

Safety Eyewear

   »   Blue Frame, incredibly light 29 grams, available lens : clear & smoke, anti-scratch, anti UV, impact resistant, anti-fog, comply to ANSI Z87.1 & EN 166

Specification Packing
Clear lens Pair
Smoke lens Pair
Metallic lens Pair

Safety Helmet

   »   Head protection gear that has been tested for shock absorption, penetration, stiffness, flammability test & Chin Strap Anchorage Test. SIRIM approved.

Specification Packing
Slide Lock/Plastic Harness or Webbing Harness Unit
Pin Lock/Plastic Harness or Webbing Harness Unit
Push Lock/Plastic Harness or Webbing Harness Unit

Replacement Visor

   »   Economic replacement visor – clear.

Specification Packing
Polycarbonate Unit

Helmet-Slotted Earmuff

   »   Earmuff that could be fitted to helmet (helmet excluded).

Specification Packing
SNR : 27db Pair

Safety vest

   »   Light weight, heavy duty & washable

Specification Packing
Economic Piece
High visibility Piece


   »   Pre-shrunk material that protect against high percentage of shrinkage. Full front 2 way zipper closure, elastic waistband, two lower pockets with flaps & buttons.

Specification Packing
Cotton Piece
Mutlipurpose Piece

PVC Coated Gloves

   »   Made of PVC blended coating over a full cotton inner lining.

Specification Packing
12” PVC Pair
18” PVC Pair


   »   Provide protection for extremely noisy environment

Specification Packing
Normal Pair
Foldable Pair

Full Face Mask

   »   Protect against gases, vapors and particulates

Specification Packing
Polycarbonate lens Piece

Half Mask

   »   Come with cartridge

Specification Packing
Single cartridge Piece
Dual Cartridge Piece

Sound Level Meter

   »   Determine the ambient noise level.

Specification Packing
Class 1 Set
Class 2 Set

Light Meter Data Logger

   »   Viewing of light levels

Specification Packing
Portable Set

VOC Monitor

   »   Volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor.

Specification Packing
Portable Set
Fixed Set

Multiparameter Probe

   »   Multi-sensor probe allows for the measurement of key parameters including pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonium, chloride, nitrate, and temperature.

Specification Packing
Basic Set
Logging Set

Conductivity Meter

   »   A conductivity system measures conductance by means of electronics connected to a sensor immersed in a solution.

Specification Packing
Contacting-type Set
Electrodeless type Set

Portable pH Meter

   »   To measure acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

Specification Packing
Wireless pH Meters Set
Portable & Handheld pH Meters Set
Benchtop pH and Ion Meters Set
pH Electrodes Set

Portable Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

   »   Optical dissolved oxygen sensor is designed for using in water treatment plants such as sewage treatment works and effluent activated sludge process.

Specification Packing
Portable Set
Fixed Set

Suspended Solids Monitor

   »   Quick and accurate readings of suspended solids, sludge blanket level, and turbidity.

Specification Packing
Portable Set
Fixed Set

Rain Gauge

   »   Quick and accurate readings of suspended solids, sludge blanket level, and turbidity.

Specification Packing
Analog Set
Digital Set
Weather Station Set